Certificate II – Business (BSB20115)

Certificate II – Business (BSB20115) By arrangement with  Foundation Education (RTO22557)

This qualification reflects the role of individuals in a junior administrative position where they perform a number of routine tasks such as handling mail, using business technology, completing daily work activities and showing organisational skills. They will also learn how to operate a personal computer, produce simple word processing documents and spread sheets. 

Students need to complete a total number of 12 units (competencies) over two years to attain the certificate. One is a core unit (BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others) that is compulsory. The other 11 competencies we are delivering, under an auspice arrangement with Foundation Education at present are:

BSBCUS201 – Deliver a service to customers

BSBIND201 – Work effectively in a business environment

BSBWOR202 – Organise and complete daily work activities

BSBINM201 – Process and maintain workplace information

BSBITU201 – Produce simple work processed documents

BSBITU202 – Create and use spreadsheets

BSBITU203 – Communicate electronically

BSBWOR204 – Use business technology

BSBWOR203 – Work effectively with others

BSBINN201 – Contribute to workplace innovation

BSBSUS201 – Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Teacher in Charge:  Ms Asa Bjork-Henderson / Ms Alison Forrest