Mathematics is the science that deals with numeracy, patterns, logic and order.

The outcomes covered in the Australian Curriculum of Mathematics areNumber and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.

Annual events that students participate include the Maths Day Camp in November that specialise in Logic Games and Problem Solving in teams. Students prepare for this by competing against each other in our special Maths Tabloids during Buzz Week in Term 2. Our gifted and talented students also participate in the University of NSW Australian Maths Competition every August.

Students in Mount Barker Community College are placed in equal ability Mathematics classes as early as Year 7 with a rich focus on advancing our top students through the Australian Curriculum. We believe that every child can achieve success in Mathematics no matter what pathway they are in. We are proud to be leaders in technology as the students have access to a range of devices including iPads, Geogebra, CAS Calculators as well as Mathletics.

We look forward to one day making a difference and improving your child’s Mathematical knowledge here at Mount Barker Community College.