The Arts  

Visual Art

Visual Art focuses student learning on Arts practice and Arts understanding.

This subject offers students the flexibility to explore materials creatively, use a range of subject matter and encourages them to find ways to express and communicate personal ideas.

Through Arts practice we develop a range of art making skills and the knowledge of arts techniques and processes.Students gain a sense of personal identity by being encouraged to appreciate their own Art works and that of others.We explore the work of other Artists as a means of developing student work and to appreciate Art in our ever changing world.

Teacher in Charge: Deb Cheeseman


The new Arts building houses a purpose build Drama and Performing Arts theatre with a professional lighting grid and a green room. Stay tuned for coming events and performances that will be held in this state of the art facility.


Our Biannual musical performance is the Tony Award winning ‘Annie’

Dates: Friday 1st & 8th August, Saturday 2nd August 7pm and Sunday 3rd August 2pm

For more information on rehearsal times, performers, backstage crew, download a copy of the audition form.

Teacher in Charge: Rhianna Reynolds

Media Studies

Media studies is the study of various forms of media, how it is produced and how audiences are affected by it. Studying the media helps students to become conscious and critical users and producers of the media. The media is the most influential system of system of communication in the world!

Media Studies provides students with skills to enable them to understand,interpret, analyse and produce a variety of media forms such as film, television, radio, newspapers and multi-media. Students are exposed to more media products than any other single influence in their lives.

Studying the media can equip students with the necessary skills to become conscious, active, contributing members of society.

Benefits of studying media at school…

  • Practical, hands on skills
  • Creative outlet for students
  • Group work and communication skills develop
  • Fun, social atmosphere
  • Great study and career prospects

A career in media can incude jobs such as;
Journalist, Radio DJ, Film / TV producer, Copy writer, Editor, Special Effects Producer, Sound technician, Web designer, Graphic Artist, Scriptwriter, Director, Actor, Set or Costume Designer, Writer, Desktop publisher, Stagehand, Marketing / PR officer or even a teacher.

Teacher in Charge: Jamie Gibbons-Eyre