Government Subsidy

We appreciate your support of the college in 2016 with the enrolment of your child and together we strive to ensure your child has a great education and can participate in a range of exciting extra curricular activities which will become part of their college life.

Your financial contribution supports us in this educational journey as does your personel involvement in college activities, such as canteen work, committees and parent  help. This support is much needed and appreciated.

We understand that that all families have a range of financial commitments so our Business Manager is more than willing to help organise a payment plan which will spread the cost over the school year. We can also assist parents to complete the Secondary subsidy form if your child is eligible.

Primary school contributions average at $1.50 per week. Secondary students contributions on average $6.00 per week. If you wish to pay using EFT our details are:

BSB 633 000
Account 115451163.
Forms are available from the front office.

Please enquire at our office 98 513400


This Subsidy has closed for 2016 and will restart on the first day of school 2017