Health Services

School Nurse

The MBCC Community Nurse is available at the College during school term. The main focus of the nurse’s role is to foster self-responsibility to enable students to begin to take care of their own health. School nurses also provide health education and promotion activities in conjunction with teachers when it is requested. 

School Health Record – Parent Consent

All new students must complete a School Health Record form as a requirement from the Health Department of WA. There are separate forms for K-6 and 7-12. These are only available in hard copy from the College. Students and Parents are encouraged to discuss health concerns with the School Nurse at any time, either by telephone or in person. If your child has special health care needs please discuss them with the Principal and the School Nurse. 


All students are offered Hepatitis B, HPV, Diptheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (Boostrix) and Varilrix (chicken pox) vaccinations in Year 8. Students should also have documented proof of having two MMR (measles mumps rubella) vaccinations. This documentation needs to come from AIR (Australian Immunisation Register)  or through your mygov account, not the original immunisation card. For more information visit Health Department WA

Year 8 Immunisation program

Download a copy of the Year 8 School Vaccination Program.


The health service is not designed to provide care of sick students who should otherwise be at home. In the event of students becoming ill or sustaining an injury whilst at school, we ask that you provide the school with information/details regarding a contact person who will arrange for transport, care and treatment as required. 

Asthma Friendly School

We promote the Asthma friendly schools program. If your child has asthma, please supply an Asthma Action Plan and forward it to the school at your earliest convenience. 

Perfume sprays and aerosol deodorants are powerful triggers for some students and staff who have asthma and the use of these products is banned at Mount Barker Community College. 

We are a Nut Aware College

A number of our students have life-threatening allergies and as a community, we unite to support them. We ask all our students and families to avoid bringing nuts or related products to school.

SunSmart School

Mount Barker Community College is a SunSmart school and strongly encourages the wearing of sun hats.

We wish your child a happy and healthy time at our school. 

Contact the School Health Nurse by phone on 08 9851 3400

Mobile Dental Van

Mount Barker Community College has a mobile dental van service.

Further information contact 0437 486 143.

Supporting Documentation

Download a copy of the Student Health Care brochure – Department of Education.

Download a copy of the Year 8 School Vaccination Program.

Download a copy of the Letter to Parents from WA Country Health Service.

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