Term 2 – 5 June 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

As we continue to move forward in responding to the government’s plan in dealing with the pandemic, there have been some changes which will come into effect on Monday 8 June.

  • Parents will be allowed onsite for pick up and drop off, but not able to enter classrooms, unless an appointment for a meeting or parent help has been prearranged with the classroom teacher. Our drop off system is working well; thank you for trialling the changes which we hope will allow us to continue a drop off zone when all restrictions are lifted. There has been a lot of positive parent feedback for this approach.
  • School assemblies can occur provided they keep in line with the 100 rule for indoor spaces or 300 for outdoor spaces. We look forward to working out how we can facilitate these to share the great work our students are doing. It was fantastic to watch the virtual assembly this week and it is always great to see our student leaders running them.
  • Work Place Learning programs can commence but all work sites will need to have a COVID-19 plan in place to be approved.
  • Camps, incursions and excursions are now possible but there are restrictions on what and how they occur. Parents will be notified through the normal permission process of any such events.
  • The canteen can once again have parent volunteer help. Please consider supporting the canteen as I know how difficult it has been to run the canteen without our wonderful helpers. If you are able to help please call Sue on 98511272 to volunteer your time and support your P&C.

Thank you for your support during this term. We look forward to working together to continue the great things happening at our college.

Kind Regards,

Mr Fraser

Term 2 – 28 April 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am writing to you during the school holidays to let you know about the arrangements for our school for Term 2 and what it will mean for you and your children.

These are unprecedented times and therefore, we will need to do some things differently in schools over the coming weeks, to maintain learning and to keep your children and our staff safe.

I understand this may be an uncertain and difficult period for you and your family.  That is why the State Government has given parents a choice about whether their children return to school for face-to-face teaching or learn from home.  It is a personal decision influenced by each family’s circumstances.

To assist with your decision making, please note the following:

  • Monday 27 April is a public holiday;
  • Tuesday 28 April will be a pupil free day. There will be no students at school as staff will be using this day for preparation;
  • From Wednesday 29 April, school is open for all students whose parents/carers choose to send them;
  • Students who attend school will be taught a face-to-face program and timetable;
  • For those children learning from home, this will be through online or hard copy packages provided to you from school. Details of how to undertake and return the work will accompany the packages;
  • For those students who are learning from home, contact by school will be made each week by phone and/or online;
  • Year 11 and 12 students are strongly encouraged to attend school to continue their critical study program;
  • Parents are asked to drop their child/children at the school gate, please do not enter the school grounds.

The State Government is providing $43 million in additional funding to expand school cleaning, in line with the health advice.  Cleaners will work throughout the day to ensure all high-use areas, such as benchtops, desks, doorknobs, taps and hand rails, are regularly cleaned and surfaces disinfected.  Our playgrounds will be open and play equipment will be cleaned before school and after each break.

We will provide further information on how our school will manage this situation, ahead of school beginning on Wednesday 29 April.

These arrangements will be in place and reviewed ahead of Week 4 commencing 18 May.  As always, State Government decisions will be based on the best health advice.

We want all families and children to feel supported and informed during this time.  I thank you for your partnership as we navigate this together.

Kind Regards,
Andrew Fraser

Term 1 – 6 April 2020

Hi Parents and Students in Years 7-12 at MBCC,

We are in extraordinary times for the world and our community. However, we are a community and it is at these times that we all pull together as we continue to strive for our students’ education and well-being. As a Community College we are well placed to support one another during these times.

The college staff are working to provide your children/students with an ongoing education during the forthcoming weeks. This is taking an increasingly online presence which is providing everyone with challenges both at college and for some of you at home. Please realise that we do understand these challenges for you all working at home with your children and possibly mums and dads working from home as well. Trying to keep everyone engaged in study or work and finding a new normal for your family during this time is a complicated process.

You may have already had contact with class teachers in regard to their learning areas and perhaps have been asked about your level of connectivity at home in regard to accessing Connect, Webinars, printing etc. Content, tasks and study will be provided and feedback will be forthcoming from your child’s teacher in regard to the work they submit. We might need to find other ways to assist and provide work, as technology is not the best for everyone’s circumstances. The college office is open from 8am – 4pm at present, and would love to receive calls (9851 3400) and provide assistance with passwords and connecting to college staff.

Some of you may be concerned about the expectations and whether your child or you yourself are able to cope with what is being asked of you all through Connect. Whatever you do will be okay, please try not to worry. Some of you will have one child, some many, and access to computers limited. Do what you can. Routines can be beneficial and provide stability and it won’t look the same for everyone. As well as accessing online content or work packages and textbooks please find times to release the pressure valve for you and your family at home.

It can be family time as well, love a board game, playing darts or cards, read a book, painting a picture, learn a new skill or craft, learn to knit or crochet, build something, create a garden, grow veggies. All engaging and great fun to do together.

Please expect contact from teachers, education assistants and admin staff to check in on your students and provide any follow up or assistance as required. This may take the form of email or phone calls. It is good to have a chat to someone these days on the phone, isn’t it? Please endeavour to email, submit online or post work back; there will also be a box provided in the front office for work to be dropped off.

Make the most of the three weeks’ holiday (including week 10 of this term) and realise there will be work either online or in work packages, depending on need, that will be available for the start of next term. It is a crazy world we are in at the moment, and we are working hard here to try and get things sorted to keep education going in this new way. Please try and limit the stress, and take a bit of time – we will get better at this.

As a college, we wish all of our students and their families to be safe and well during this time, both physically and mentally. We are all trying to use this time positively to engage with learning in a different way and find curiosity and wonder about learning.


Shelley Masson (Deputy Principal 7-9)
Leanne Prior (Associate Principal 10-12)

Term 1 – 25 March 2020

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the MBCC team I would like to thank parents who have made the difficult choices to keep their children at home and access the support materials provided.

The school will remain open at this stage to support families where parents need to work.

Please continue to monitor Dojo and Connect platforms for work and if having difficulties email the college or call the office.

I have been heartened by the strength of our community in taking proactive measure to support all of us in these rapidly changing events due to Covid19.

We wish your family well in these turbulent times and hope to hear of great connections being made with teachers and students in these new online environments for work.

Remember to be kind to yourself and each other.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Fraser