Our Pastoral Focus is the Development of Self Esteem, Respect  which is Expressed through Responsible Caring Behaviour this is high priority of Chaplaincy – this is outworked in adding an extra dimension of support for the work of teachers and parents within the entire school community.


Student Services

Student Services are a team of people who provide pastoral support for students across the school. Our two college chaplains, school nurse, Aboriginal Education workers, Education Support teachers and aides, associate and deputy principals, year coordinators for secondary students, as well as our visiting school psych, all work together to ensure that student needs are met.

Across the whole college we are really focusing on building student resilience. By building respectful relationships among everyone on campus we create that sense of belonging and connectedness that enables students to survive and thrive when they face difficult circumstances in their lives.

The Tribes process is very strong in primary classes and extends into the secondary area, and the Mindmatters Mental Health program is promoted strongly through our trained Youth Empowerment students – older students who work with younger students and staff to build relationships and resilience.

The school has a number of specialist pastoral care programs which target the particular needs of different groups. Some of these include – Resourceful Adolescent Program, School Drug Education and Road Awareness, peer support, Core of Life….and many more.

Paul Ritchie – Junior School

Deb Smith – Senior School