Primary Extra Curricula

Play Café

Until children enter the school system, parents are their primary educators and the experts on  their needs. The thought of a precious child starting school and stepping in to the unknown, can fill a parent with  mixed emotions from excitement to uncertainty.

To begin the journey in a positive and supported way, we invite parents and any interested family members to join us in Term 4 for Play Café; a 7 week Kindy Readiness program that runs in one of our kindy classrooms. Our Play Café is coordinated by one of our teaching staff and provides the opportunity to get to know our college, playground and classrooms. 

The aims of Play Café are to:

  • familiarise parents and children with the school setting and staff
  • introduce kindy routines
  • expose families to appropriate developmental activities and information
  • provide an avenue of communication and connections between families, early childhood services and college staff.

By engaging in activities with mum or dad, nan or pop and with younger siblings and college staff around, the transition to Kindy the following year should be a welcoming and comfortable experience that children engage in with confidence.

Sessions start at 9:15am and finish with a story or singing at 10.45am. There are lots of great activities to do with a parent or carer and time for a play outside too.