Madar Mothers Group


The Madar Group is a weekly group run by Wanslea Family Services at MBCC for Afghani women and pre-school children. It offers AMEP English classes delivered by Albany TAFE, shared craft projects and activities for the children. There is a strong emphasis on school readiness for the children, including confidence in speaking English.

Usually the group is based at EC3 in our early childhood area, which had been fantastic for developing the children’s familiarity with the Kindy area.

The group started in 2014 has been warmly welcomed by the Afghani community. Participants take it in turns to bring a delicious Afghani meal each week, and a highlight of each morning is all sitting on the floor together and sharing food. It is really a lovely group to be part of and we are very glad to part of the MBCC community.

Contact 9843 0077 for further information.