Certificate I – Agrifoods (AHC10216)

Students in Year 10 have the option of completing this certificate that allows students to develop basic skills and knowledge to prepare for work in agriculture. The students are closely supervised in undertaking a range of technical skills and knowledge.

Students need to complete a total number of six units (competencies) in order to complete the qualification. The course is delivered over a full year, however if students enter the course for semester 2 they may achieve 2 or more units of competency towards the qualification. There are two core units (AHCWRK101 Maintain the workplace and AHCWHS101 Work safely) that are compulsory. The other four competencies being delivered are:

  • AHCLSK101 Support extensive livestock work
  • AHCMOM101 Assist with routine maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • AHCPHT101 Support horticultural production
  • MEM18001C Use hand tools

This certificate is predominately practical (hands on) but theoretical tasks and tests are a requirement of the course.

Teacher in Charge:  Ms Trevlyn Smith