College Board

The Principal of an Independent Public School establishes a Board whose elected members work with them and the community to achieve the best outcomes for students. Establishing the Board of an Independent Public School is an opportunity to attract a broad cross-section of people with a range of experiences and expertise. Strong community and industry representation ensures that they can make a significant contribution to the development of the college.

The Mount Barker Community College Board sets the strategic direction for the College.  It is the peak decision making body receiving and ratifying policies and procedures. The Board has a majority of parent and community members supported by staff and student representatives. Meetings are held twice per term. Selection of parent and co-opted members occurs every two years with the possibility of re-nomination.

The Board

  • Supports the continuous development of the College and its policies and priorities.
  • Reviews student performance data – academic, behavioural, attendance and progress towards achieving priorities and agreed targets
  • Endorses the level of Voluntary Contributions and Compulsory Charges.
  • Endorses the code of conduct for students at the College.
  • Determines the daily uniform code for students and for when they are attending special programs or representing the College.
  • Endorses the College Plan, Budget and Report each year.

Board Members

Parent Members                                                                                                     
Amanda Baxter (Chairperson)
Lisa Lynch
Annecke Theron      

Andrew Whiting

P&C Representative
Jane Beck              

Staff Members
Rebecca Smyth                                                                           

Steve Bedford                                                                                      

Principal (Ex Officio)
Andrew Fraser

Manager Corporate Services (Ex Officio)
Charlene Holmes

Co-opted Member (Ex Officio)
Chris Pavlovich (Plantagenet Shire Council)