School hours and Attendance

Attendance and Absence

Regular attendance is vital for student learning, social and academic achievement. Parents are asked to ensure children arrive at the College no earlier than 8:30am. Staff are not on duty prior to 8:30 and any student arriving earlier than this time is required to sit outside the Deputy Principals office (K-6) or Outside the staffroom (7-12).

Automatic SMS messages are sent each morning to parents/carers informing that student is absent without notice. Parents are required to inform the school of an explanation for student absence in the form of a letter, text message, email or telephone call.

If a student needs to be collected during school hours, parents must go to reception and receive a Leave Pass, which is then given to the classroom teacher.

Bus Students

Families are served by a bus service which brings students up 70km to college.  Each student who is eligible to travel must be registered online at and approved by the Public Transport Authority (PTA) before travelling. Please contact the college if you require assistance.

Bus travel must be safe for all.  Therefore bus students are required follow the PTA code of conduct agreed to when registering.  If a student misbehaves on the bus the bus driver will report it to the Bus Contractor and they will also inform the college.  Repeated misbehaviour may lead to bus permission being revoked.

  • Students K-6:
    Young students are on a Bus List and will be checked off every day they travel home on the bus.  If they are not travelling on the bus, parent/guardians must provide a note or a phone call to the office before 2pm so that their name can be removed from the bus list for that day.
  • Students 7-12:
    It is up to the student to inform their bus driver if they are not travelling on the bus. The bus driver will not wait for these students to arrive for the bus.

Prolonged Absence

In the case of prolonged illness, parents should contact the college. For students who are absent regularly or for a long period of illness a Medical Certificate is required.  If a family holiday is proposed to be taken during the term an advance request (in writing) must be made to the Principal.

Arrivals and Departures

Kindergarten & Pre-Primary students must be delivered to the classroom by an adult or older sibling.  They should remain with this person until class begins at 8.50am. It is vital that parents notify the teacher if their child is to be collected by another adult.


If a student arrives late to college he/she must sign in at the front office and get a late note. Students will not be permitted to class if they are late and do not have a late note. Continual lateness will result in detention.


The Education Act requires that students must attend daily until the end of the year in which they turn 18 and therefore truancy is illegal.  Parents will be involved in discussion if truancy is suspected.  Students who truant will have consequences at college and may be referred to the Albany Education Office. Police patrols are asked to return truanting students to college or to their parents at work.