Bus Students

Families are served by a bus service which brings students up 70km to college.  Each student who is eligible to travel must be registered online at www.schoolbuses.wa.gov.au and approved by the Public Transport Authority (PTA) before travelling. Please contact the college if you require assistance.

Bus travel must be safe for all.  Therefore bus students are required follow the PTA code of conduct agreed to when registering.  If a student misbehaves on the bus the bus driver will report it to the Bus Contractor and they will also inform the college.  Repeated misbehaviour may lead to bus permission being revoked.

  • Students K-6:
    Young students are on a Bus List and will be checked off every day they travel home on the bus.  If they are not travelling on the bus, parent/guardians must provide a note or a phone call to the office before 2pm so that their name can be removed from the bus list for that day.
  • Students 7-12:
    It is up to the student to inform their bus driver if they are not travelling on the bus. The bus driver will not wait for these students to arrive for the bus.