The Frances Wright Library

The Frances Wright Library was opened in August 2008 and is named after a long serving staff member who taught at the original Primary School.

Hours of opening: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 3:45pm. You can browse the range of resources available in our library from home on Oliver

The Library Resource Centre is open to students and staff for book borrowing, computer access, private study, video conferencing, SIDE Lessons and an opportunity to read with friends.

During the day there is a teacher-librarian and library officers on duty to assist with book selection, borrowing and general inquiries. The teacher-librarian encourages reading by selecting appropriate resources, develops research skills, promotes Digital Technologies and supports Private Study and SIDE students. Weekly ‘Library’ classes happen for all students in Years 1 – 6 to teach skills and encourage book borrowing and reading.

Besides fiction, non-fiction and reference resources, the library provides curriculum related up-to-date material and a selection of comics and popular magazines. There are also a range of quiet games and activities for students to use during lunchtime. The library is fully automated using the Oliver system – for searching resources and book borrowing.

Our library makes extensive use of computer resources with a bank of desktop computers and laptop computers. Besides access to the Internet, all students have their own e-mail accounts eg., with which they can send, and receive work they have completed at home.

Our library also contains a Video Conference room enabling students to study courses with their teachers in other locations in the South West. There is also a SIDE study room set up for individuals to access their teachers at the School of Isolated and Distance Education, and to study subjects not normally available at our college.

Teaching & Learning Educational Video Resources | ClickView

ClickView is a cloud-based video content system that provides Mount Barker Community College staff and students with rich curriculum-relevant video content.


Ordering Books Through The Library

Book Club offers an exciting way to engage students with reading and to enable them to reach their highest potential—strengthening their vocabularies, critical thinking skills and broadening their knowledge of the world around them. Children look forward to receiving their Book Club catalogue several times a year, and any orders can be made by signing up with the Scholastic Book Club Loop app.

The library also hosts Book Fairs throughout the year. This is always an exciting time with students visiting the library and writing wish-lists of all the books they’d like to read. Book Fairs have a great assortment of items available, with something for every reader.

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